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Kaya Kalpa Cleanse eBook

The world may not need another cleanse, but the cleanse I'm introducing to you is not new—in fact, it is thousands of years old: perhaps the oldest Ayurvedic detox of all!

There is one catch: this cleanse, the LifeSpa Kaya Kalpa Cleanse, is NOT for everyone. It’s more aggressive than our first two cleanses, the four-day Short Home Cleanse and 14-day Colorado Cleanse—but it’s only five days! 

After administering panchakarma (in-residence Ayurvedic detox) for 26 years, I stopped so I could do more research and writing. To take its place, about ten years ago, I introduced a home panchakarma program (Colorado Cleanse), which has been completed by thousands of cleansers with amazing success. It’s still going strong: 800 people from around the world cleansed with us as part of our Group Colorado Cleanse this spring.

When I started administering panchakarma as the Colorado Cleanse, I had to dial down the intensity from what was traditionally administered in India. Traditionally, doses of ghee were much higher, diet was way more restrictive, and caloric intake was way less.

The Colorado Cleanse and Short Home Cleanse had to be tailored with lower dosages of ghee and three-meal plans to insure folks could tolerate the detox safely and effectively.

Today, with the popularity of intermittent fasting, time-restricted eating, and caloric restriction and with so many of our cleansers ready for the next step, I felt it was time to introduce our five-day Kaya Kalpa Cleanse.

The words kaya kalpa mean body transformation—on a mental, physical, and emotional level. The point of this traditional protocol is not just health and longevity, but a heightened state of self-awareness from which we can change mental, emotional, and physical patterns linked to ill health. 

Enjoy the transformation!